Country Style Living Room Furniture
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Country Style Living Room Furniture

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Country Style Living Room Furniture

Furniture For French Country Cottage Style

Country Style Living Room Furniture. If you love the country cottage style, then you will want to include it into your home’s decor. Luckily, since it is rather eclectic, it incorporates nicely into almost any style. Because of its versatility and ease of use, French country cottage furniture is becoming popular. Not only is the style versatile, but it is a great style for budget decorating as well.

Classic Style

There are many pieces of furniture that fit the French country cottage style of furniture. A classic example would be a four-poster bed or an ottoman that doubles as storage. A built-in desk and shelf or built-in bookcases also evoke the French country cottage aesthetic. Sometimes, simply adding an old rocking chair to space is enough to add this flavor to a room. Vintage furniture lends itself nicely to this look as well, like ladder back chairs.

Paint and Fabric

The French country cottage style usually indicates painted furniture, so it is a great way to reuse old furniture. By adding a fresh coat of paint, it is easy to bring an old piece of furniture back to life. If you are going for a shabby chic look, a little extra wear and tear on the furniture fit right into the style. As you are selecting fabrics for your furniture look at floral, checks and plaids as popular choices.

You can update cushions on existing furniture pieces, or you may choose to add a slipcover to an entire chair or sofa to completely change its look. French country cottage is a fun style to design because you can mix and match fabrics to add quaintness to your space. Add comfortable and colorful quilts, lap blankets and pillows to make the space cozy and comfortable. With a few bright blue or red splashes, you can add and overall vibrancy to the room and pull together all of your design elements.

Favorite Furniture Pieces

Even though the look of French country cottage furniture is eclectic, you can add a lot of charm to any room simply by incorporating a few elements. For example, you can make a fantastic coffee table from an old storage trunk. Not only is it a quaint addition to your room, but it offers a huge amount of storage. Combining slightly mismatched ladder back chairs for your dining table creates the perfect, French country cottage vibe for a room.

You can give these chairs a cohesive look by painting them the same color or simply by adding seat cushions that match. Milk stools make great design elements in this room and can be used as a footstool or a plant stand. You can also add a touch of wicker to the room for a little touch of charm. A wicker rocking chair or even a little, wicker love seat tucked under a window helps enhance a cottage feel, and if you do not want to add wicker furniture, you may prefer a wicker magazine rack or simply a basket.

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