Old Victorian Homes
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Old Victorian Homes

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Old Victorian Homes

Victorian Home Decor – Romantic and Abundant

Old Victorian Homes. Victorian home décor based on abundance and rich accessories is still popular today in spite of the fact that other aspects of Victorian culture like clothing or morals are not in present society anymore. Of course, Victorian home décor has changed in a number of ways over the years, but not so much that it has lost its authenticity. If you see closely, modern Victorian home décor style is still firmly and authentically Victorian.

The Roots of Victorian Home Décor

Victorian style is all about excess and abundance. This is the polar opposite of styles like oriental or philosophies like Feng Shui. The Victorian home décor goes to the fullest extent possible. If you look at Victorian clothing styles and Victorian-era morals, you will see a strong resemblance. Read also: Modern Spanish Homes Exterior

Victorian clothing featured skirts to the ground, with the excess material making the skirt as full as possible. Collars went up people’s necks; they were not of the fold-down or the low-cut variety. Sleeves were also to the wrist. Similarly, your Victorian home décor should “dress” your house to the fullest.

Dressing your House

In order to fully dress the house, you should begin with the skeletal structure of your home. Windows are considered the most important element in Victorian home décor; you have to fully dress your windows with at least three full, distinct, flowing layers of curtains and shades. As for the color, the white fabric would be the best choice – the white layers will allow the sunshine to filter through even though your windows are completely covered. Read Modern Exterior Design Ideas

Further Accents

In addition to window dressings, Victorian home décor requires Victorian furniture and accents. Furniture should be beautiful but usable, and its purpose should be crystal clear. Once you have your furniture in place, add other accents like white lampshades with ornaments on them. This should pertain to every lampshade in your house. Similar to the windows, your light bulbs should be dressed in two to three layers of white fabric, with gold accents if you wish

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