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Desert Modern Decor

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Desert Modern Decor

Desert Modern Decor. You do not have to endure a 40 degree heat to enjoy the warmth of a desert home. Modern desert interiors have conquered the world of decoration through Sandstorm, and we are totally behind the trend.

Whether Joshua Tree or palm tree are your garden or you are firmly established on the East Coast, a desert-inspired home is just a few steps away. Keep reading to find out what it is.

A southwestern carpet or kilim with a geometric design is a must. The floor adds a graphic line and a color layer, which is the starting point of your palette. Consider shades in your carpet for other accents in the room, such as cushions, decorative accessories or upholstered furniture. Read also: Desert Garden Landscaping Ideas

The layers of leather fold in the direction of the old west, but incorporating them into a sleek and nonsense form, you get a contemporary look. Consider a modern mid-century leather chair, leather drawers or a padded leather sofa. Look for cognac colors instead of dark English browns or play with a pastel pink.

Each modern piece of the desert needs a wood accent for a rustic touch reminiscent of the dusty desert scene. Imagine a wooden coffee table, a dining table at the edge of the table, a walnut sideboard, a wooden stool or a wooden find that attracts you! Read also: Modern Spanish Home Decor Ideas