Modern Spanish Homes Exterior

Modern Spanish Homes Exterior

Considering the Beauty of a Spanish-Style Home?

Modern Spanish Homes Exterior. If you enjoy the serenity and pure indulgence, you should step into a home constructed the Spanish way! These homes are found along the coast of California where the temperature is similar to Spain’s. Florida also houses the Spanish style home, as Mediterranean homes consist of many communities flowing along Florida’s coast, where air conditioning is a necessity!

This style of home often is comprised of stucco siding, along with several other distinct features. Such features of the Spanish style home include relaxing courtyards, arched loggias, interior water fountains, and elegant porches. Everyone can enjoy the extravagant, yet entertaining, aspects of this type of home!

As stated previously, Spanish style homes are constructed with stucco siding. Stucco is made of a type of plaster that is commonly used for finishing the exterior of structures. It consists of a mixture of marble dust, lime, and water, which is a primary trait of the Spanish style homes. In other words, stucco is basically a cement mixture combined with an additional substance (i.e., sand or lime). To give the stucco something to adhere to, a layer of chicken wire may be applied to the home. Read also: Spanish Style Home Decor Ideas

These homes are often constructed like a “U” shape, with the walls of the house extended to engulf the “U.” A pleasant feeling of having privacy in outdoor areas can be found on this device. Usually, Spanish style homes also boast vibrant colors which consist of warmer tones or vibrant auburn and orange. Frequent features of the Spanish style home include door and window openings consisting of rounded tops and wrought iron grills, door hinges, and handles.

Dark woods are usually used to construct the Spanish style home. For example, wormwood, in particular, is a nice touch to any home. The fundamental nature of Mediterranean Spain can be captured in these style of homes, and, accordingly, these style homes attempt to reveal the varied and rich history of Gothic, Moorish, Byzantine, and Renaissance styles. Read: Modern Exterior Design Ideas

The most common Spanish style home is found in California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. Home plans for the Spanish style home have reached their peak in America specifically during the 1920’s and early 1940’s when their popularity was at an all-time high. However, they are still very much popular today! Take a drive down any coastal city and you will see Spanish style homes in all their glory.

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